National Operations Centre:

What the customer wants

March 2003

When a valued and long standing customer requests assistance to solve a problem how do you respond? If you are Hallett Silbermann you find out exactly what is required and provide the solution!

An urgent request to provide four 13.6 metre twist-lock trailers for a long-term hire was recently satisfied in a matter of days. The customer had been unable to locate trailers for hire and turned to Hallett Silbermann for the solution. Having confirmed that nothing suitable was immediately available from rental companies, Hallett’s went out, “cheque book in hand”, and purchased 4 new Montracon air-ride trailers which matched the customers requirements exactly.

Managing Director Neil Brockless said, “Whilst we are not normally in the trailer rental business, we pride ourselves on providing logistic solutions – consequently bringing forward part of our on-going trailer replacement programme has ensured we have another satisfied customer”.