National Operations Centre:

Home Delivery

February 2005

Hallett Silbermann drivers had no difficulty locating the delivery point they were given this month – the Hallett Silbermann depot at Travellers Lane, Welham Green, near Hatfield, Hertfordshire!

A number of items of construction plant were consigned to Welham Green recently as contractors commenced work for parent company Brent Group on a site re-development.

The construction works include a new access road onto the site from the main Travellers Lane Industrial Estate thoroughfare, demolition of old offices previously occupied by Hallett Silbermann, additional depot parking including new high security perimeter fencing, and re-surfacing.

These enhanced site facilities will greatly assist Hallett Silbermann operations, particularly for the largest heavy haulage outfits that, even when empty, operate at almost 80′ in length on 8 axles with 30 wheels and weigh unladen some 40 tons.

Brent Group are also finalising plans for a second stage re-development of the site, which will incorporate a planned new state-of-the-art workshops.

This investment by Brent Group in their road transport subsidiary is excellent news for Hallett Silbermann.