National Operations Centre:

Hallett Silbermann completes major Heathrow delivery project

Hallett Silbermann has completed a major delivery project at London Heathrow Airport including the night-time delivery of two Liebherr HS8130HD crawler cranes, each weighing 85 tonnes and 4.00m wide.

The diaphragm wall excavating plant was needed for the latest phase of Heathrow’s integrated baggage system construction project, which will use conveyor systems running in 2.1 km of tunnels under the airport to transfer passenger bags quickly between terminals for connecting flights.

Hallett Silbermann provided their own Highways Agency compliant escort vehicles to accompany the loads throughout their two day journey.

The delivery operation took place at night, to enable the vehicles to cross runways and taxi-ways during the night-time airport curfew. Arrival at Heathrow was carefully co-ordinated and the vehicles were subject to the same security regulations as passengers, being searched for hazardous materials and restricted substances before airside access was granted.

In addition to the two crawler cranes and digger buckets, Hallett Silbermann also delivered numerous loads of ancillary equipment, including a smaller 80 ton crane, 16m long silos and 18m long cages, much of which was also night-time deliveries.

Says Adam Whybrow of Hallett Silbermann: “These were very large and demanding loads, requiring meticulous planning of routes, permit applications for the numerous highway and council areas, and Police authorities.

“Everything was delivered on time and the client has expressed total satisfaction, particularly with the drivers who, they reported, were very professional as always.”

Hallett Silbermann are already working on the de-mobilisation from site and the return, or re-deployment, as necessary.