National Operations Centre:

News: 2006

Brand Spanking New

September 30, 2006

Hallett Silbermann’s latest acquisitions are a pair of Volvo FH 520 Globetrotter 8 x 4 (4 axle tractor units).

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Plane Trucking

May 13, 2006

Regular Sunday morning devotees of the M25 and M11 may have been surprised recently to see 2 extremely large Hercules C130 aircraft fuselages being transported by road by Hallett Silbermann.

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Full Steam Ahead

March 28, 2006

Hallett Silbermann recently completed the movement of 28 ship’s propellers of up to 6.20 metres (20’5″) diameter from South Wales to the Midlands – a journey of some 190 miles.

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